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We are travel enthusiasts sharing dream adventure travels in first-person stories. Follow our adventures and get valuable info and ideas to start your own!
Expect posts of Travels with exciting adventures in different parts of the world. Stay tuned!

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Isla del Sol

Bolivian Heights and Jungle

by daniel, November 2019

Asaro mudmen

Wild Green Papua Niuguini

by daniel, June 2019

Soybeans, wheat, salt, water and kioke

by Ricardo Queirós, June 2019

Mystic Chernobyl

by Gustavo Oliveira, May 2019

Road in Monument Valley

Southwest Canyons

by daniel, April 2019

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The unique feature in this blog is the inclusion of interactive maps with indication of routes and places. The maps can be easily explored by zooming and identify exact locations. We selected the highlights for each trip based on their cultural interest or natural landscape beauty. For each trip, the author writes the story of the trip with important information and publishes selected photos and videos for a full immersion experience.i

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